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At disposition to our small guests there are 10 luxury suites that are equipped with luxury cots, feeders, bedding within the house of 70m2. Each room contains a differently designed apartments by theme and style of the room. The space is air-conditioning, in each room we take care daily of room temperature, hygiene, we nurture each dog in agreement with you. In a separate bedroom with a specially-designed apartments, the dream of every little guest will be restful and kept. There is a magical playing room with motives of forest ,a lot of toys, wooden bridge, a tent to hide, luxurious sofa to rest, stools, sofa where together with our little friends we watch the most beautiful Disney cartoons for dogs. We go for a walk to the landscaped and surrounded yard of 400m² in which we play together, we enjoy a variety of games with balls, organize trips. In the bathroom, we ensure that every dog is clean, here we wash every dog paws after walking and we give a special Golden Pets towel made of pure cotton that is used during their stay. In a special corner, in the mini hair salon, we take care of basic brushing hair, cleaning the areas around the eyes in agreement with you. For veterinary inspection and control of dogs, is charged veterinarian of the hotel by the duty Dr.Vet.Med Nebojša Milivojević. 

Hotel Golden Pets is open to all your questions about your dog’s stay.

Hotel za pse malih rasa