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Admission of Dogs

We think that it is best to visit us before you leave a dog at our hotel to make you and your pet acquainted with the space and with us. We would gladly like to get to know your dog to make the best start socializing, nursing and care. It is understood that the dog has to be healthy, at admission of dog we ask you to show the certificate of regular vaccination of dogs against rabies and viral diseases, treatment against fleas and ticks. Documentation can be taken with you or sent by email to our email address: If the dog is not adequately treated against ectoparasites before entering the common areas of the hotel will be treated antiectoparasities at the expense of the owner. 


  • Please, we would like you to arrive on time, as previously agreed, to admission of the dog so as not to disturb planned activities of other dogs in the hotel.. 
  • Take at least 30 minutes for the admission of the dog, if on the day of travel you leave the dog and you have no time, please come a day before. The reason of that is a detailed agreement of keeping your dog in order to avoid any failure.
  • We have prepared for you a special agreement / questionnaire that is necessary to entirely fill in order to obtain information about you and your pet.
  • If your dog is in heat or it is a puppy, we ask you to book the individual room, separated from the other dogs in order to avoid unwanted contact with other dogs.
  • The hotel is located in a quiet street, where neighbors keep order around their houses regarding the parking places. We would ask you to support us and respect, so that you will not park in private parking spaces in front of their houses.