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About Hotel

Our Vision: To provide a warmth of home, care, love and attention to your pets 24 hours, create, nurture and protect the trust you have given to us … We leave you to the charms of holiday, serene organizing of duties while you are away.

On attractive location in Belgrade, at 5, Stolačka street on Senjak, we open the door of real small empire, fully adapted for our little guests, to all owners of dogs of small breeds. To feel the warmth as the atmosphere in your home, we treat the dogs as our own pets, we provide them care, supervision, love and attention 24 hours. We are doing everything we can to turn their stay in the hotel into a little relaxation, socializing, to forget the sad view and watching the door waiting for your return. We are big animal lovers, pet owners of our own, we understand, with many years of experience, how difficult it is to all dog owners and their pets be separated for a certain period. In accordance with the desired needs in such situations, we have designed a special care and dogs stay in our hotel. We wanted to open a corner of tranquility of all your worries, leave you to the pure enjoyment while you are on vacation or focused on the obligations that await you during the absence.

Golden Pets Hotel  za pse malih rasa